Millimeter Changes of Life : The Secret to Success & Happiness

The key to our success, happiness, and achievement isn’t the big change. It’s the small one. In Millimeter Changes of Life: The Secret to Success & Happiness, Ramana Midde shares mindset and lifestyle changes that can turn your average existence into an extraordinary life.

Whether you’re struggling to stand out on the job or having a hard time balancing work and family, this book can help. Learn how to make simple changes to your life today that can have a profound effect on not just you, but your family and even future generations. Not only is a better life possible, but you can actually have the life of your dreams.  

In this book, you will learn simple ways to:
• Make the most of your time
• Increase your income
• Have more quality time with your family
• Improve your health
… And more 

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